How will our School deal with the current situation?

Covid 19

Everyone is asking the same question: how will the Hebrew School operate under the current concerns about the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic?


The answer is straight forward: we are following the situation closely and making sure to imply and comply by all provincial and City guidelines.

At the moment - with the spread of the pandemic in Ontario being at very low numbers and both public and private schools planning to open in September - we are planning to open up IN PERSON as well.

We will constantly be alert and follow all the provincial and City rules and guidelines to make sure the Hebrew School will run in a SAFE and HEALTHY manner.

In addition, we understand that families may wish to further limit their in-person interaction or may fear to commit to in-person just in case something G-d forbid changes. We are therefore happy to service you by offering a zoom Hebrew School option as well that will work side by side with the in-peson learning, should a parent ever wish to switch.