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Launched December 2019 Jrcc opened doors in Woodbridge.


With a view to play our part in serving members of the local Jewish Russian community.

The JRCC offers many services to the whole community. Our local branch is offering more individual help and programs to fulfill the needs of our local community.

join us in this growing community. 

Exciting holiday programs, an enriching class, or a reinvigorating Shabbat meal. We are here to serve you, and with so many opportunities available just around the corner, all you need to do is show up. Join our weekly email list to be kept abreast of all that's happening. 

Our services include hospital visitations, food, and furniture bank, programming for seniors, children, and adults of all ages, Koshering Services, Brit Milah and Bar Mitzvah and so much more.  You name it. We do it.  Contact Jrcc of Woodbridge for ALL your Jewish needs.

With good wishes,
Rabbi Avrohom & Rochel Yusewitz

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